Your team may access to view the tasks that they have been assigned and provide their progress. You can give access to your clients and providers so that everyone is up to speed with the progress of your projects.

With the different licenses and roles that you may choose in the PMC-tool®  you may organize your team by levels of viewing and updating.

It allows your team to participate only in the projects that you require, with PMC-tool® you may choose the people that you want to see and participate in your projects. You may separate the projects by divisions or teams.

The members of your work team may only view the elements that they are responsible for executing, so that each person may focus on what they must do.

You may choose the leaders of your teams as the only ones with control of the entire project and for the other members of the team to only be able to edit the activities where they are responsible.

Organize your projects, in programs, portfolios and boards according to your structure needs. With PMC-tool you can manage at the portfolio level, which is very useful at the Managerial and Directorate level.