Petroleum industry

One of the great advantages of PMC-tool® is the variety of control elements that can be used in projects. For petroleum industry projects, such as construction of marine platforms, marine oil and gas pipelines, electromechanical projects, and interconnections, construction control of the product itself is very important, such as compliance with the contract, which demands a series of requirements specific to the industry, both administrative and regulatory.

Construction Control

In PMC-tool® you can create work plans with the details of each stage to verify that they are executed in the time set and identify if there is a delay that may impact the project’s duration.

Classification of Deliverables
Very complex projects like those in the petroleum industry have different components that are classified in large deliverables. With PMC-tool® you may personalize the organization of the these components so that you have a view based on deliverables and even giving to each deliverable a specific individual weight so that the payment estimates coincide with the project progress.

Contract Administration

Normally this type of macro project requires a contract administration under which the construction is done. With PMC-tool® you can also have a project dedicated to this administrative control and group it with the construction project as a program so that you may see the progress of both in a single place.

Success Story

PMC-tool® was the software used to control the projects of PEMEX EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION of the year 2018 and 2019. Control was done for construction and administration of 59 Marine infrastructure projects, in which contract companies and the personnel of PEMEX participated.


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Daniel Salas Díaz Oil & Gas Project Administrator Industry

“PMC-tool for me was an innovative way of managing projects, since it allows for the integration of all information on a project in a single project management system.”

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Jorge Luis Ibarra CEO Consulting Network

“I found there was a valuable contribution from the Inoventi team by making a file that allows for identifying And giving follow up, not only to the general vision of a project but to each detail that must be followed to ensure its compliance.”

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Roberto Gary Partner of Huacuja Betancourt y Haw Mayer Lawyers

“Thanks to the sum of knowledge, talent, and experience of the professionals that work at InovenTI, they have created the PMC-tool, offering tangible evidence that gives value-added in the execution of their contracts.”

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Alberto Silva Director of SIGA LEGAL

“The success of our firm has consisted of materializing the intangible services that we offer through a work plan, which we manage through the PMC-tool. This is how we have been able to discipline and perfect our internal operation. In the genes of SIGA flows the creativity of PMC-tool.”