Performance panels

The panels show the performance of your work team and of your projects, with them you may obtain information with which you may identify problems to solve them on time.

In the PMC tool you may measure the performance of the projects and also the performance of the participants.

Project Performance

In this section you may:

  • Do an analysis of the project’s progress
  • Check what must be completed in a certain time
  • Review the changes that have been made
  • View the distribution of your projects in time
  • See the volume of elements by project
  • Compare the plans of finished projects

Additionally, you may centralize all the information of a project as a summary where you are shown:

  • Main roles of the project
  • Updating quality
  • Graphic of value gained in progress
  • Graphic of value gained in hours
  • Pending items of the week
  • Technical sheet
  • Display of elements to verify
  • Display of record of changes
  • Display of hours assigned by project

All this will help you make decisions proactively to reach the objectives. 

Participant Performance

In this section, you may evaluate, analyze the workload, and the performance that the participants in your projects have.

You may see for each participant:

  • The assignments pending finalization
  • Assignment of elements
  • Hours assigned by project
  • Hours planned vs. real
  • Availability report

Additionally, you may evaluate your work team by evaluating:

  • Percentage of on time closes
  • Percentage of delayed elements
  • Percentage of progress less than planned.


With PMC-tool you may manage the costs of your project in two slopes:

  • Cost by effort (human resource)
  • Cost by evidence (deliverables, materials, etc.)

If your projects are delivery of services you may calculate, by hours assigned and cost per hour or day of your personnel, how much your project will cost.

If what you are interested in is managing the costs for what is produced or expended in your project, you may do it by assigning costs to your evidence.

With the PMC-tool you may record both the planned cost and the real cost so that you may view day by day if what you planned is happening in reality and make changes on time. You do not have to wait for the project to finish to know how much it is costing you to do it.

Cost management in your projects allows you to control your budget, detect if the cost is going up, or if it is costing more than what was planned.