Organize your daily work

As a participant of a team, the PMC-tool allows you to see all your activities and the expected time to complete them, additionally, you may organize your commitments and deliver on time.

The PMC tool has a panel in which you may view everything that you have to do in a single place without the need for looking for your assignments in each project, in this panel you may see:

  • How many elements have been assigned to you
  • Graphic of planned and real hours by project
  • A list of pending issues where you may filter by status, by type of element, and by project
  • You may register your work time and view them in a list or in a graphic
  • You may view your scheduled meetings from the PMC-tool that you were called to
  • You may analyze how many hours per project were assigned to you
  • You may see all your pending items in calendar form