Know the licenses and properties that PMC-tool has.

We help you to create a plan according to your needs.


$35 USD / Month

Ideal to start controlling all your pending issues in the form of projects, whether you work as a freelancer, are an entrepreneur, or are the leader of a team.

Includes the Licenses

· 1 Projec Manager license
· 10 licenses for Guess plus or Guest
· 2 GB of storage


$91 USD / Month

The best to begin collaboration of a work team that requires active participation, such as a SME or projects with a high control level.

Includes the Licenses

· 1 Projec Manager license
· 4 licencias of Participant
· 15 licenses of Guest plus or Guest    

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You can put together your plan with the licenses that you require, select according to your needs the types and the quantity. If you have questions about how to begin, we are happy to help you


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We help you with advising to create a plan according to a corporation or a company’s needs


  • Project Manager
  • Participant Plus
  • Participant
  • Guest Plus
  • Guest
Project ManagerParticipant PlusParticipantGuest PlusGuest
$35 USD
$14 USD
$14 USD
Create unlimited projects
Manage unlimited directory of involved persons
Create work plans
Gantt diagram
Evidence management
Weighting for the value of activities and evidence
Incident management
Risk management
Meeting management
Make draft
File storagede
Cost management
Make work templates
Make technical sheets for projects
Visualization of all the project elements
Visualization of the assigned elements
Updating assigned elements
Panel of pending issues by user
View of pending issues in calendar
View of pending issues in table
Time management (Workload)
Record of hours
Sending notifications
Automatic notifications to alert about elements
Schedule management
Portfolio management
Panel management
Dashboard for project performance
Dashboard for participant performance