Support Service for Implementation

The implementation of a new system involves changing the ways of working, therefore one must not leave aside the challenges that this involves. InovenTI® recommends doing this implementation process in three steps:

The first with the organization of a work team dedicated to the implementation and adoption of the PMC-tool®.

The second consists of preparing all the elements necessary for project control, beginning with the unification of the language and criteria for each control element, opening the way for review and complementing of all the information available on the projects, which are gathered in any format or structure in which they are found, criteria are unified, the remaining elements are complemented, and the upload is done in the PMC-tool®.

Once the information is uploaded, the third step begins, which is the transfer of knowledge, beginning with training in use of the PMC-tool®. The training is done with the data uploaded so that the concepts can be understood better and, so that, once the training is concluded, use of the platform may begin.

This service may be obtained in two modalities:

  • Coaching
  • Full-Support

The Coaching service consists of specific guidance and supervision sessions on the implementation process for the client’s team, so that the team itself is the one who does the analysis, configuration, data uploading, and training work.

In the Full-Support service, the InovenTI® team takes leadership for the implementation and is the one who does all the work described in the implementation process.

To know more about the services and receive advising to choose the best option according to your needs, get in touch with us.