The PMC-Tool
Is a platform
that allows for ordering and monitoring your work so that collaboratively you achieve the results that are proposed.

The PMC-tool is born from experience, it is a platform designed by people who have actually executed projects

¿How can PMC-Tool help your company?

Viewing and Updating

Your team may access to view the tasks that they have been assigned and provide their progress. You can give access to your clients and providers so that everyone is up to speed with the progress of your projects.


Assign tasks to your team so that everyone can be aware of what must be done and thus check if someone is over assigned or is free for more tasks.


The evidence is a unique element of the PMC-tool, they are the proof that you may assign to ensure that the tasks or activities are being complied with. This way you have the certainty that the progress are 100% real.

Performance dashboard

The boards show the performance of your work team and your projects, with them you can obtain information with which you can detect problems to solve them in time.

Organize Your Daily Work

As a participant of a team, the PMC-Tool allows you to see all your activities and the time expected to complete them, additionally, you can organize your commitments and deliver on time.