The evidence is a unique element of the PMC-tool, they are the proof to ensure that the tasks or activities are being complied with. This way you have the certainty that the progress are 100% real.

In project management, for many years the “how” the objective is done has ceased to be what’s most important, in these times, what’s most important is it for the objective to be met.

Colloquially, the evidence is the “see it to believe it” of the projects. Sometimes in projects there are people who report that they are doing well, but the reality is very different. The PMC-tool allows you to control, as long as you don’t have evidence that helps you prove that “everything is going well,” the project does not progress.

Additionally, within the evidence we can include an additional control of a greater level, which are the control points, which are points of reference as a type of checklist that helps to verify that the evidence is complete.

You may upload References to corroborate that the evidence is finished. The references are files or links to documents that shall be the foundation of the evidence.

With the PMC-tool, work with FACTS, not only with words.