With PMC-tool® control the entire construction plan, from preparation of the blueprints to the last finishes. Control the progress of all teams or specialists involved as contractors and providers. You may control residential and industrial construction projects.

Detailed Work Plan

Create a work plan that involves all the activities necessary for construction of a building, this way you may view the time that the construction will take, which impacts the project cost. In the plan you may also view the progress of each stage and the deviation, which will allow you to make decisions on time.

Prove the Advance with Real Evidence

In supervision of a project you may take photographs that support evidence, copies of purchase orders, of materials receipt, copies of signed inspection logs, in general any type of electronic file that responds to the progress that are reported in the construction plan.

Control Contigencies

It is normal for there to be contingencies in the construction process that require extra work and that must be resolved for the project to continue. With PMC-tool® record all of the incidents of your project and manage all the actions that are required to solve it.


Involve all the people who are part of the project, such as materials providers, contractors, architects, etc. In PMC-tool® you may assign activities and check how their progress is going, you can give them access so that each one may update the status of their activities, which will help you evaluate the performance of your involved people.

Success Story

The PMC-tool® was used for follow-up for the macro project “Los Ramones Gas Pipeline” by the company TAG PIPELINES. This project consisted of construction of a gas pipeline that supplies natural gas from Texas (USA) to Guanajuato, one of the most important projects in the country, in terms of supply and distribution of natural gas.


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Daniel Salas Díaz Oil & Gas Project Administrator Industry

“PMC-tool for me was an innovative way of managing projects, since it allows for the integration of all information on a project in a single project management system.”

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Jorge Luis Ibarra CEO Consulting Network

“I found there was a valuable contribution from the Inoventi team by making a file that allows for identifying And giving follow up, not only to the general vision of a project but to each detail that must be followed to ensure its compliance.”

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Roberto Gary Partner of Huacuja Betancourt y Haw Mayer Lawyers

“Thanks to the sum of knowledge, talent, and experience of the professionals that work at InovenTI, they have created the PMC-tool, offering tangible evidence that gives value-added in the execution of their contracts.”

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Alberto Silva Director of SIGA LEGAL

“The success of our firm has consisted of materializing the intangible services that we offer through a work plan, which we manage through the PMC-tool. This is how we have been able to discipline and perfect our internal operation. In the genes of SIGA flows the creativity of PMC-tool.”